Solar Gard Window Tint

Solar Gard Window Films and Tints begin working the moment it’s installed on your vehicle. Solar Gard Window Tints and Films are developed to block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays which results in 66% rejection of damaging heat allowing you to drive cooler with less reliance on air conditioning which will in turn improve your vehicles gas intake.

Solar Gard has shades and colors available to match any vehicle. Dark, reflective or matte finishes will provide your vehicle with a true custom look. Solar Gard Window Films and Tint provides many benefits such as:

  • Vehicle interior preservation
  • Reducing glare
  • Improve interior comfort
  • Balance interior climate
  • Increase auto privacy
  • Gives your car a sleek new look

Solar Gard's Window Tints and Films are installed with the newest and most innovated technologies. Each vehicle’s window film and tint is precisely measured and cut with ComputerCut Micro-Edge technologies giving your vehicle an accurate and precise window tint.

Let Drive-In Autosound’s MECP certified installers give your vehicle the window tint it deserves. Combine Solar Gard Window Tint with any stereo and sound system and obtain a quality autosound experience from Drive-In Autosound.